Boarding Sequence

Japan Airlines international flights will be boarding in following sequence.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  • This sequence may differ depending on condition of flight or Airport facility.

Boarding Sequence *Start from October 16th, 2019



At first, we would like to pre-board passengers who require special assistance, JAL Family service passengers,and pasengers traveling with small children.
If you wish to Pre-board, please contact to one of our staff.


Priority boarding

After Pre-boarding, this will be followed by passengers in premier cabin or Frequent Flyer Program status members.
Please prepare boarding pass or status card.
There are 3 steps for Priority boarding.

  • There are flights without First class or Premium Economy class cabin dependin g on route or aircraft.
  • After "Boarding Group 2" or "Boarding Group 3" starts to board, all Passengers who are entitled to use Priority Boarding may be asked to board in same lane.


Passengers seated in rear cabin

Boarding Group 4

To avoid congestion in the cabin, this will be followed by seat numbers.


All other passengers

Boarding Group 5

We recommend you be at boarding gate 30 minutes before departure.