Flights operated by JAL arrive at Terminal 5.

Flights operated by JAL depart from Terminal 3.

Updated : 2024/4/16


Terminal map

Terminal guidance of oneworld member airlines

=oneworld member airlines

Terminal 2
  • Alaska Airlines (AS) 
Terminal 3
  • Japan Airlines (JL) ● (departure)
  • American Airlines (AA) 
  • Iberia (IB) ● (departure)
Terminal 5
  • Japan Airlines (JL) (arrival)
  • Finnair (AY)
  • British Airways (BA) 
  • Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) 
  • Iberia (IB) ● (arrival)
  • Qatar Airways (QR)

Except for the above airlines, please check below.

Passengers transferring to oneworld member airlines

The following oneworld member airlines are found at O'Hare International Airport:

  • American Airlines (AA)
  • Alaska Airlines (AS)
  • Finnair (AY)
  • British Airways (BA)
  • Cathay Pacific (CX)
  • Iberia (IB)
  • Qatar Airways (QR)
  • Royal Jordanian (RJ)

Boarding pass

  • Japan Airlines (JL) passengers connecting onto oneworld member airline flights should receive a boarding pass for the oneworld member airline flight upon departure from Japan.
  • If you do not have your connecting boarding pass, please proceed to the departure terminal for your connecting flight and carry out the check-in procedure at the connecting airline's transfer counter.

Checked baggage (Re-check)

Regardless of whether your final destination is within the US or abroad, all passengers must go through a customs inspection when entering the United States.
Even if "final destination" is stamped on the baggage tag you were given when you checked your baggage at your departure point, you are still required to collect your baggage here and proceed through Customs.
The baggage collected for the customs inspection can be deposited again at Baggage Drop Off.

  • After completing the customs inspection, for connecting flights on American Airlines and Delta Airlines, take a left to drop off baggage at the recheck counter. For connecting flights on United Airlines and Air Canada, take a right to drop off checked baggage.
  • Please show your airline ticket or boarding pass and re-check your baggage.

Moving between terminals

Please use the ATS (Air Transit System) to move between terminal buildings.

  • All international flights, including Japan Airlines, arrive at Terminal 5.

oneworld member airline terminals

Airlines Terminal
Alaska Airlines (AS) Terminal 2 (About 5 minutes on the ATS from T5)
American Airlines (AA) (JAL codeshare flights operated by AA), Iberia (IB) Terminal 3 (About 4 minutes on the ATS)
Finnair (AY), British Airways (BA), Cathay Pacific (CX), Qatar Airways (QR), Royal Jordanian (RJ) Terminal 5


At O'Hare International Airport, you will find the following oneworld lounges.

American Airlines (AA)

Lounge Terminal
Admirals Club Terminal 3, in the crosswalk between Terminals H and K (turn right in the crosswalk in front of gate K6A).
Flagship Lounge Terminal 3, in the crosswalk between Terminals H and K (turn right in the crosswalk in front of gate K6A).
(Restricted to American Airlines First and Business Class passengers, and oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members.)
  • In order to use a oneworld member airline lounge, you need to show a oneworld membership card with "elite status".
    (If you are unable to present the card, you will not be admitted to the lounge.)
  • Please see Terminal map to find the locations of the lounge above.
  • Please see Using airport lounges for more information on the rules (eligibility) for using the lounge above.


Before entering customs, there are guides on hand to assist people, so please do not hesitate to ask one of them if anything is unclear.

Passengers transferring from oneworld member airlines to Japan Airlines

Boarding pass

Passengers transferring from oneworld member airlines (mainly American Airlines (AA) at O'Hare International Airport) to Japan Airlines should receive a boarding pass for flight JL009 at the departure airport. (*)

  • Even if you have a boarding pass for flight JL009, you need to present your passport information to the Immigration Bureau in advance of your flight, so please approach the counter or a boarding gate official.
  • Passengers connecting between JAL ⇔ oneworld flights (including oneworld and JAL codeshare flights), will be issued a boarding pass for their connecting flight on departure.
    However, system issues can sometimes mean that the connecting boarding pass cannot be issued.
    In this event, you will need to carry out check-in procedures again at the connecting airport.

Checked baggage

If you are connecting from an airport within the United States or Canada and you checked your baggage through to your final destination at your departure point, you do not need to collect your baggage at O'Hare International Airport.


At Chicago O'Hare International Airport, please use the American Airlines Lounge.

  • For more information about the lounge, please see Lounge service.
  • Please see Using the lounge for rules (eligibility) on using the lounge.

Minimum Connecting Time (Approximate)

JAL → American Airlines (international / domestic flights) 85 minutes
JAL → other international airlines 90 minutes
JAL → other domestic airlines
American Airlines → JAL 35 minutes
Other international airlines → JAL 90 minutes
Other domestic airlines → JAL 75 minutes


  • Please be aware that transfer times can sometimes be longer.
  • Depending on the connecting airline, connecting times may be longer than those listed above.
  • For more information, please contact the Japan Airlines Reservations Center.

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