Left behind your ticket?

If you forget to bring your ticket (including any item for verifying your right to board the flight) to the airport but remember where it is, please proceed with the following steps.

On your flight date


Purchase a replacement ticket*

You are requried to purchase a replacement ticket* at the airport on the date of your flight.
Tickets can be purchased at any JAL Group domestic ticketing counter.

  • A ticket purchased for one of the following eligible fares to replace a ticket you forgot to bring with you.
    Eligible fares include Flex, Flex Child, and Flex Customer with Disabilities.


Receive a certificate for duplicated ticket purchase

We will issue a certificate for your duplicated ticket purchase. It will be required for the ticket refund afterward. Please retain it safely.

  • The certificate cannot be reissued.


Board your flight

Please board your flight with the replacement ticket.

How to refund the ticket

As we will regard you as having boarded the flight with the original (left behind) ticket, the amount paid for the replacement ticket willl be refunded. However, should the fare for the replacement ticket differ from that of the original ticket or should you board a flight not covered by the original ticket, the amount paid for the original ticket will be refunded instead (Refunds will be subject to applicable Cancellation Charge).

Where to apply a refund JAL Group domestic ticketing counter (city/airport)
JAL call center (JAL Domestic Reservation and Information)
Refundable period

Ticket refund is accepted no later than 30 days after the ticket validity expired.

Necessary information for refund
  • Certificate for the replacement ticket purchase
  • The original ticket
  • The credit card used for the original payment (if the payment was made by credit card)
* If you cannot find the original ticket, you will be required to submit a Lost Ticket Report, which can be obtained from the travel agent where you bought the ticket or JAL Group domestic ticketing counter (city/airport).
Refund Charge No fee