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Booking deadline Same day
Changes Yes
Discount Child discount only   User guide
Transfer fare Not available

This fare is available to holders of Okinawa Remote Island cards for the routes specified on the card.

Eligible routes

Okinawa (Naha) - Minami Daito, Kita Daito; Minami Daito - Kita Daito*; Miyako - Tarama

  • Operation until July 31, 2024.

Booking/Ticket purchase deadline

From 0 a.m., 360 days before the departure date,until the departure date.

After booking, please purchase before the purchase deadline.

(If the deadline passes, your booking will be cancelled without prior notice.)

Ticket validity

Tickets are valid on the ticket issuance date and remain valid for 1 year from the next day of ticket issuance date.
arture time cannot be used to fly.)

Booked tickets are valid only for the specified booked flight. Please change or cancel your booking prior to departure time if you do not plan to board the booked flight. (Tickets not changed or canceled by departure time cannot be used to fly.)


Booking changes are permitted.

  • It is not permitted to reverse to a segment’s direction or to change the passenger, origin, or destination.
  • Please ensure changes are made at least 20 minutes prior to the booked flight's departure.
  • If a booking change results in a different fare amount at the time of the change than at the time of purchase, the difference must be either paid or refunded.


Cancellations must be made at least 20 minutes prior to the departure time of the booked flight.

The deadline to receive a refund is 30 days from the day after the ticket expires.

Time of refund Cancellation charges
Before departure No charge
After departure Approximately 20% of the fare amount before taxes

Cabin class

Economy: Booking allowed

Class J: Not available

First Class: Not available

Mileage accumulation rate

Economy: 100%


  • If you have made a booking or purchase without registering your customer information in advance and did not present your certificate at the time of purchase, you must present your certificate at the airport counter during check-in.
  • This fare cannot be booked together with other fares. If you wish to book different fares for different segments, please make separate bookings for each segment.
  • When booking through the website, please select "Remote Island" from "Discounts for limited passenger".

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