Codeshare Flights with Fuji Dream Airlines

Services on codeshare flights with aircraft and crew provided by partner airlines follow the
standards of those airlines.



We suspend sales of "Shizuoka - Kitakyushu" and "Kobe - Izumo", beacause passenger demand on these routes has dropped significantly due to the impact of the Coronavirus. We will inform you when we start selling as soon as we are ready to resume operations.


Nagoya (Komaki) Yamagata, Niigata, Izumo, Kochi, Fukuoka, Kumamoto
Fukuoka Niigata, Matsumoto, Shizuoka
Sapporo (New Chitose) Matsumoto, Yamagata
Shizuoka Kagoshima, Izumo, Kitakyushu
Osaka (Kobe)*2 Matsumoto, Izumo, Kochi, Aomori*1
other Sendai-Izumo , Sapporo (Okadama)-Matsumoto*2
  • *1From March 29, 2020
  • *2July 22 - October 4, 2020 (Seasonal Flights)

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Services Offered

Information about codeshare flight with JAL flight number.
Airport procedures and services may vary. Please review the below information when using these services.

JAL Priority Guest Reservations
Passengers with disability, injury, or illness who need additional help from us are asked to contact JAL Priority Guest Reservations after completing reservations.

JAL Priority Guest Reservations

Please contact FDA if traveling on flight with FDA flight number.

FDA Web site

Contact FDA

Reservations and Ticket Purchase

Reservations and ticket purchase are accepted on JAL website and by JAL Domestic Reservations.

Seat Selection

Seat reservations can be made via the JAL website or the JAL Call Center (Domestic Reservation and Information) up until 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.
Seat reservations on the date of travel (less than 24 hours in advance) must be made at the FDA check-in counter.
Only a limited number of seats may be reserved in advance.

JAL Designation

JAL (JL) flight number, rather than that of the operating airline, is shown on the e-ticket itinerary & receipt.

Airport Services


Available at FDA check-in counter on the flight.
Please proceed through the security checkpoint at least 20 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure time and be at your boarding gate at least 10 minutes before.

Yamagata,Niigata,Kochi,Kitakyushu and Kagoshima airports starting check-in 60 minutes prior to departure time.
For other airports,please confirm the opening time on FDA website.

FDA website

  • *Through check-in between codeshare flight and JAL Group flight is not available.(Baggage can be through checked from the departure airport to the destination. )
  • *JAL Touch & Go Service are not accepted.

Stand-by is not available.

Minimum Connecting Time

At least 30 minutes must be allowed for domestic connection to/from these flights.

Information about connection

carry-on baggage
  • Number of item: One bag containing personal belongings (handbag, umbrella, etc.) and one additional bag that meets the following conditions.
  • Size: Total outside dimensions within 100cm (W: within 45cmラH: within 35cmラD: within 20cm)
  • Weight: Total weight of both bags not to exceed 10kg
checked baggage
  • Number of item: No limit
  • Size: within 50cm x 60cm x 120cm
  • Weight: Up to 20kg is free of charge for each passenger. (For baggage exceeding 20kg, route-based excess charges will be applied per 1kg.)
    • *Weight per item must not exceed 32kg.

Oversized baggage such as sports equipment can only be checked if it fits within the aircraft's cargo hold.

  • *Weather conditions and storage capacity may preclude oversized baggage from being checked.
  • *Musical instrument cases are not available for rental.

The same baggage rules as JAL operating flights apply



Travelers who have lounge access through the JMB FLY ON Program or who have a lounge coupon may use the JAL Lounges in the Fukuoka, New Chitose, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, and Sendai Airports. Simply show your boarding pass to a lounge attendant after receiving it at the FDA counter.

  • *Upper tier members of oneworld frequent flyer program are not eligible for lounge use for FDA is not a member of the oneworld alliance.
  • *Please check each campaign page for lounge use if you are participating any campaign.
Pre-Boarding Service

Available for passengers who need assistance on boarding, passengers with babies, and expectant mothers.

Priority Boarding

JMB FLY ON Program members and oneworld Tier Status holders do not receive priority boarding.

Priority Baggage Service

Priority baggage service is not available.


Cabin Attendants

Only FDA Cabin attendants are onboard.

In-flight service

JAL In-flight magazine skyward is available. Please ask a cabin attendant for a copy.
Beverages and other services follow the standards of FDA.

FDA In-Flight Services

Lost & Found

Please contact FDA for details.

Contact FDA


Earning Mileage of JAL Mileage Bank

Mileage will be accumulated.

Domestic Award Tickets

Only usable on flights with a JAL flight number.
Please apply through JAL call center (Domestic Reservation and Information).

JAL call center (JAL Reservation & Information)

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