SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare

Fare list

SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare includes Ultra SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare, Super SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare, Class J SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare Type A, SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare Type A/B.

Eligible customers

This fare type is available to all customers aged 3 and older.

Eligible routes

Domestic routes operated by the JAL Group

  • *Some routes and flights do not have TOKUBIN fares. Please see below for details.

Fare table


October 27, 2019 - March 27, 2021
Each flight has a limited number of seats available. (Some dates, routes, and flights may have no SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare.)

Reservation/sales period

Fare Reservation accepted from Reservation accepted by
SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare Type A 9:30 AM on 330 days before the departure 28 days before the departure
SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare Type B 45 days before the departure
Super SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare 55 days before the departure
Ultra SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare 75 days before the departure

Ticket validity

Valid only on the flight reserved.

Ticket purchase deadline

Within 3 days from the reservation date.

  • *Although you could hold your reservation for 3 days, the reservation deadline is the purchase deadline based on the rules of the fare you selected.
  • *When reserving multiple flights on a single itinerary, the shortest purchase deadline among them will apply.


Changes to reservations are not permitted.
Rebooking on another flight at the departure airport on the date of travel is not allowed even if there are empty seats on that flight.

A charge will be applied for changes to Class J or First Class at the departure airport on the date of travel.

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Cancellations must be made at least 20 minutes prior to the departure time of the reserved flight.
Refunds and cancellations of purchased tickets are subject to designated handling charges.
The deadline to receive a refund is 10 days from the day after the ticket expires.

Refund and Cancellation Charges

Cabin class

Economy: Available for reservation
Class J: Available for reservation (SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Type A only) and same-day upgrade
First Class: Not available for reservation. Available for same-day upgrade

Mileage accumulation rate

SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare Type A/B, Super SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare, Ultra SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare: 75%
Class J SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare Type A: 85%


  • It cannot be used in conjunction with other discounted fares.
  • When making reservations for adults and children (aged 3 to 11) at the same time, the Child Fare will automatically be applied if it is lower than the SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare.
  • Lower-price seats may become available after purchase based on changes in SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare availability estimates.
  • On the JAL website, the lowest price of SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fares with available seats will be quoted automatically.
  • Not applicable to standby tickets.
  • The fare amount of domestic fares may change without prior notice. If the fare amount is revised after the ticket is purchased, no fare adjustment (charge or refund) will be applied.

Fare table

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  • *Past fares may be searched up to one year prior to today's date.
  • *Some flights may not be searchable due to flight number changes. Please contact the JAL call center (JAL Reservation & Information) for details.

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