Application site for JMB elite and JMB elite plus benefits

An application must be submitted via this page to enjoy benefits.
Please review the information below before applying.

Eligible customers

JALCARD CLUB-A Card, CLUB-A Gold Card, JAL Diners Card, and Platinum Card primary members who have earned the required number of Life Status Points

Grade Life Status Points
JMB elite 250 - 499 Life Status Points
JMB elite plus 500 Life Status Points or more
  • Not applicable for JAL Global Club members or holders of the following JALCARDS:
  • corporate card


  • Applications for JMB elite and JMB elite plus benefits are accepted only via the JAL website.
  • The registered information used for your application will be automatically carried over to the following and subsequent years. There is no need to apply again when you earn 500 Life Status Points.
  • Benefits will not be offered in duplicate to customers with more than one eligible JALCARD.
  • Customers who have at least 500 Life Status Points in their account at the commencement of these benefits will be eligible only for JMB elite plus benefits. These customers will not be offered both JMB elite plus benefits and JMB elite benefits (which are available from 250 Life Status Points).
  • Customers who have not yet met the eligibility requirements are also welcome to apply for benefits in advance. For these customers, benefits will be offered once the eligibility requirements are met.
  • Customers who earn at least 1,500 Life Status Points will be invited to join JAL Global Club.
    Please take the steps to convert to JAL Global Club from MyJALCARD, the online service for JALCARD members.