Enrollment (those living in Japan and JALCARD members)

JAL Global Club (JGC) is an exclusive membership program that offers special services and benefits to experienced travelers who have supported the JAL Group.

Membership Qualifications

JAL Global Club (JGC) membership is available to JMB members who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must have earned at least 1,500 Life Status Points under the JAL Life Status Program,
  • Must hold a JALCARD CLUB-A Card, CLUB-A Gold Card, JAL Diners Card, or JAL Platinum Card, and
  • Must agree to comply with the JAL Global Club Membership Rules.
  • JAL CLUB EST members who enroll in JAL Global Club will be automatically disqualified from CLUB EST membership.
  • Members who wish to reenroll as JGC primary members after withdrawing from JGC membership will be required to earn at least 100 Life Status Points after membership withdrawal to reenroll. This requirement will be waived until further notice as 2024 is the transition period for the new program.

JAL Global Club Family Membership

When a JAL Global Club primary member has met the JAL Global Club membership qualifications, the spouse, parents, and any children age 18 or older who share the same living expenses as that JAL Global Club primary member may also join JAL Global Club as a JAL Global Club family member, regardless of the number of Life Status Points those eligible family members have earned. Once enrolled, JAL Global Club family members will enjoy the same JAL Global Club services, JALCARD services, and other services as the JAL Global Club primary member. (Exceptions apply for some services.)

  • JAL Global Club membership qualifications for family members are the same as the requirements for applying for a JALCARD.

Annual Membership Fee

An annual membership fee will be deducted automatically from the JMB account which is in the name of the primary member.

  • JAL American Express® Card is issued and operated by JALCARD and Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos Co., Ltd. pursuant to a license from American Express. American Express is a registered trademark of American Express.

Membership Renewal

JAL Global Club membership will be renewed automatically as long as you continue to hold a JAL Global Club JALCARD CLUB-A Card, CLUB-A Gold Card, JAL Diners Card, or Platinum Card.

  • Please note that canceling your JALCARD will automatically disqualify you from JAL Global Club membership and JAL Global Club services.

Changes in Registered Membership Information

If there are any changes in your registered membership information, including any address change, job relocation, or job change, please report the change via MyJALCARD, the online service for JALCARD members on the JALCARD website.

Presentation of Proof of Membership

Please present any of the following to enjoy JAL Global Club services and benefits:

  • Your JAL app home screen
  • Your JAL Global Club card
  • Your status card

How to Enroll

As a general rule, the JAL Global Club enrollment process is carried out online. More information about how to enroll can be found below.