JAL International Award Tickets

Journey to destinations around the world - starting at 7,500 miles for one-way travel and 15,000 miles for round-trip travel

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Reservation Changes

Changes to Awards after Mileage Redemption (Ticket Issuance)

Reservation changes are not permitted, including changes to the boarding class.
To make changes, please cancel/refund your existing award ticket and then book a new ticket for your desired itinerary. A refund charge of ¥3,100 (tax included)* will apply when you refund your award ticket.

  • Members in regions other than Japan: Local currency equivalent to ¥3,100

Reservation Changes for Waitlisted Flights (First Class Only)

Reservation changes are not permitted for waitlisted flights.
To makes changes, please cancel your existing reservation and then make a new reservation for your desired itinerary.


Award tickets cannot be upgraded by paying the difference in fare from the class of service on your award ticket. Award tickets cannot be combined with upgrade awards to get seated in the next higher class of service.

  • Awards that include Japan domestic sectors may not be used for Japan domestic First Class or Class J. However, if available at the time of departure, you may use First Class or Class J by paying a surcharge. (Advance reservation for First Class and Class J are not permitted when traveling on JMB award tickets. You cannot board in First Class or Class J by using your mileage at the airport on the day of departure.)

Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards

After an award has been booked, the mileage used for the award can only be reinstated for totally unused awards by paying the refund charge. All reinstated mileage must be returned to the JMB account from which it was redeemed.

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