e JAL Point Awards

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How to Request and Use Awards

Award requests can be made from the JAL website.

  • Miles cannot be redeemed for e JAL Points during the purchase process. Please redeem your miles for e JAL Points before the start of your purchase. 

Award requests are not accepted at the JMB Center Japan, JMB Member Reservations Desks (Domestic, International), JAL Reservations and Information, JAL Group city ticketing counters, JAL Plaza, or airport ticketing counters.


Request an award

On the JAL website

To complete an award request, you will need your JMB membership number, Password, and the required number of miles.

  • For JALCARD Family Program members, mileage can be deducted from the family mileage pool.
    Please refer to the notes on redemption of awards using the JALCARD Family Program (Japanese only).


Use your e JAL Points as payment

Once you have completed the mileage redemption, your e JAL Points can be used to pay for domestic and international flight tickets and package tours booked via the JAL website.

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