Types of E-mails

Please see below for details of the types of e-mails that will be sent if you register your e-mail address on the JAL Website.

E-mails sent when making a reservation

Events that will trigger e-mails to be sent

  • Booking completed
  • Purchase completed
  • Reservation change request completed
  • Cancellation/refund completed
  • Waitlist accepted
  • Award ticket arrangements completed
  • Upgrade award arrangements completed
  • Optional service arrangements completed

E-mail address registration

The e-mail address provided at the time of processing the above requests on the JAL Website will be automatically registered.

*Only application if the booking is made on JAL.

E-mail address change

You can change e-mail address from the "Change Customer Details" screen.

*Only applicable if the booking is made on JAL.

E-mails about reserved flights

See below for details.

How to change or add an e-mail address

You can change or add e-mail address from the "Change Customer Details" screen for each passenger.

The e-mail address registered in the JMB membership profile can be changed from the "Register/View/Change E-mail Address" creen on the JAL Website.

How to use the JAL Website after receiving an e-mail notification regarding a flight schedule change or cancellation

Please see below for how to use the JAL Website.

E-mails about Online Check-in

Information that will be advised

Notice of Online Check-in Result will be sent 24 hours prior to departure to the e-mail address registered at the time of booking or during the Automatic Check-in service.

About which e-mail address will be used

E-mails will be sent to the address provided during the reservation process or when registering for the Online Check-in Advance Registration service.

  • If you have already registered both your e-mail address and mobile phone e-mail address in your JMB member profile, these notices will be sent to the mobile phone e-mail address.
  • If you added or changed the e-mail address by clicking the "Change Customer Information" button on the booking detail screen, these notices will be sent to the most recently advised e-mail address.

Please note

  • JAL Group Airlines provides the services described on this page in accordance with the JAL Privacy Policy.
  • Due to unavoidable circumstances, there may be times when multiple messages for the same flight may be sent, or messages may be delayed or not delivered.
  • Notifications may be sent early in the morning and late at night.

If e-mails are not received or if you receive an e-mail that you do not recognize


・Check if the e-mail address you provided is correct.

・Please check your e-mail settings for blocking of domains or individual e-mail addresses.
・Ensure that your e-mail settings do not block the following domains or e-mail addresses: no_reply@jal.com, tktdial@jal.co.jp, jmbi_auto@jal.com, jalmailservice@jal.com

・Is your e-mail inbox full?

・Was the e-mail sent to your spam folder?

・Please click below if you do not recognize or expect an e-mail that you have received.