What to do if you receive an e-mail that you do not recognize

If you do not recognize the contents of a received e-mail, someone may have accidentally registered your e-mail address as their address.
To prevent incorrect e-mail distribution in the future, please contact us in the following way.

For inquiry

Please contact us by phone and inform us the flight information (flight number, date, reservation number) shown on the e-mail.

  • If the e-mail does not contain the flight information or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Sender's e-mail addresses

Please contact us if you received an e-mail sent from any of the following addresses incorrectly.

  • no_reply@jal.com is used for both domestic and international flight bookings.


  • Please delete any e-mails that you do not recognize.
  • We will promptly remove you from our e-mail list, but you may receive some additional e-mails before the change is implemented. Appreciate your understanding.
  • The JAL Group takes utmost care to protect the personal information of customers.