How to use Online Check-in

Please prepare the followings before you start Online Check-in.

  1. e-ticket itinerary/receipte
  2. Passport (of each check-in passenger)
  3. e-mail address (of each check-in passenger, or the representative passenger)

If you are holding a package tour or group tour ticket, please prepare the "Authorization Number" advised by your travel agent.



Start Online Check-in

JAL website

Please click the “Check-in now” link below to go.

JAL app

Please press "Check-in now" on the top of screen in JAL app.



Enter either your Reservation Number, e-ticket number (Ticket Number) or Authorization Number, and your flight number, departure date and passenger name.
This screen will be skipped if you are already logged in as a member.

About check-in for AA, BA, AY, IB and MH operated flights

Re-identification is necessary if using the mutual Online Check-in service with American Airlines*, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia or Malaysia Airlines. After completing the normal identification (Step 3), the second identification screen will display. Please select "Passenger who have booked the flight operated by other airlines" and enter the necessary information. Once the information is identified, you may start the Online Check-in procedure on the operating airline's website. For details on how to use Online Check-in on the partner carrier's website, please contact each airline.

  • Online Check-in is not available for flights operated by American Airlines at this time.


Select the check-in passenger

Select the passengers to be checked in.

  • If there is only one passenger in the booking, this screen will be skipped.
  • If your travel companion has a separated booking record, you may check in for him/her from this screen, or select the "ADD PASSENGER" button in Step 5 and repeat the same identification procedure as Step 2.


Notes about restricted items

Confirm the details, check "I have read and agreed to the policies on restricted items which are prohibited in carry-on or check-in baggage." and press the "CONFIRM" button.


Confirm the flight and seat selection

Confirm the seat number and information about the flight you are checking in for. System will automatically assign a seat for you if you have not assign your seat previously. You may change the seat from the "SEAT MAP" button, or click "CONTINUE" if you accept the current seat assignment.

Select the passenger and then select his/her seat. After selecting the seats for all passengers, press the "CONFIRM SEATS" button.


Enter passport information

Enter your passport information and SAVE it. After confirming the details, please check "I confirm all the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.", and press the "CONFIRM DETAILS" button.

  • Passport validity requirements from country to country.Additionally, a visa may also be required depending on your country of citizenship, length of stay and itinerary.Please ensure that your passport and other required travel documents are in order before your trip.


Contact Details

Enter the contact details and SAVE it.

These details will be used to send you updates about your journey.


Issue boarding pass

Select your preferred option to get your boarding pass.

  • Receive Boarding Passes by E-mail
  • Printing out
  • Use Wallet
  • Mobile Boarding Pass (Using Google Wallet)
By e-mail

Home Print Boarding Pass and Mobile Boarding Pass (applicable to some routes) will be sent to you. You may either print out the Home Print Boarding Pass and bring it with you, or get the Mobile Boarding Pass (2D barcode) from the e-mail.

Printing out

Home Print Boarding Pass will be displayed on a separate screen, please print it and bring it with you.

Use Wallet

Boarding pass will be sent by e-mail as an attachment file. You may register it in Wallet for use.

Mobile Boarding Pass (Using Google Wallet)

Mobile Boarding Pass will be displayed, please save to Google Wallet for use.

The boarding pass can be retrieved at any times with your preferred option. Even if you have once selected to get it via e-mail, it is possible to get another one for Wallet or Google Wallet use.

Make sure to bring your e-ticket as it will be required at immigration. (You may print it from this screen or the "manage booking" screen.)


Check-in completed

Check-in is completed.

Please bring the necessary documents to the airport on the departure date.

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