International flights operated by JAL depart from and arrive at Terminal 2.

Updated : 2015/7/16


・For customers connecting from JAL international flights to JAL codeshare flights operated by Jetstar Japan (Terminal 3), please use inter-terminal bus opearted by Narita Airport (approximately 4 minute ride).

・Check-in for all codeshare flights in Narita is at operating carrier's counter. Please check in advance the location of the counter and the terminal of operating carrier.


Please refer to the official NAA Narita International Airport website for the departure and arrival terminal of the connecting airline company.

Domestic ⇒ International transfer

Transferring from Jetstar Japan Codeshare flight to JAL International flight (between Terminal 3 and 2)

For Terminal 2, please use shuttle bus from 1st floor, or walk access corridor (approx. 500m) from 2nd floor of Terminal 3.


Minimum connecting time:115min (Domestic⇒International)

International ⇒ Domestic transfer

Transferring from JAL International flight to Jetstar Japan Codeshare flight (between Terminal 2 and 3)

Please collect all baggage upon arrival at NRT, and proceed to Jetstar Japan Domestic counter* at 2nd floor of Terminal 3. Counter hours

  • From 2hours until 30minutes before the departure

For Terminal 3, please use shuttle bus from #1 bus stop, or walk access corridor (approx. 500m) both from arrival floor of Terminal 2.

Lounge facility is not available in Terminal 3 and Sakura Lounge in Terminal 2 is also not accessible.


Minimum connecting time:115min (International ⇒ Domestic)

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