Flights operated by JAL depart from and arrive at Terminal 1.

Updated: 2024/03/01


Upgrading to Premium Economy Class at the airport

Import and sale of electronic cigarettes are prohibited in Hong Kong, and possession is subject to fines.


Arrival flow






Baggage Claim




Flights operated by JAL will arrive at Terminal 1.

Arrival regulations


Japanese citizens do not require a visa for stays of 90 days or less. (However, passports must be valid for the duration of stay plus at least one month.) For longer stays, please contact the Chinese Embassy Consular Division to apply for a visa. When you present your passport and arrival card, the official will ask you the intended duration of your stay. Your passport and departure card will be stamped with the number of days you are allowed to stay (your intended departure date).

A copy of your arrival card will be returned inside your passport. Please be careful not to lose this as it will act as your departure card.


  • You may be asked to open your suitcase or other belongings to have the contents examined.
  • It is recommended that you specify the contents of any cardboard boxes.
  • There are strict rules against fake branded items such as watches and handbags. Please note that such items may be confiscated.
  • Please note that the inspection is particularly strict when entering from Bangkok.


Pets must be shipped as cargo covered by an airwaybill.

For information on transporting pets, please contact your international freight agent.

Please also be sure to check with the embassy or quarantine station at your destination for animal quarantine information such as import restrictions and required documentation.


Departure flow




Security check




Flights operated by JAL will depart from Terminal 1.

Departure regulations


Hong Kong International Airport

Check-in takes place at G Island in Terminal 1.

JL736:07:20 a.m. - 09:20 a.m.

JL026:07:20 a.m. - 09:20 a.m., 00:35 p.m. - 02:35 p.m.

(After March31, 2024)

JL736:07:40 a.m. - 09:40 a.m.

JL026:07:40 a.m. - 09:40 a.m., 00:15 p.m. - 02:15 p.m.

*After check-in, please proceed to Immigration and show your passport and departure card.

Hong Kong Downtown

From April 6, 2020, in town check-in at Hong Kong station and Kowloon station  have been suspended.

Passengers using the Airport Express can check in at the counters in Hong Kong or Kowloon stations from 06:00 on the day of departure until 90 minutes before the flight departure time.
Your luggage will be processed at the station where you check in, so please ensure it is organized in advance.

*After arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, please proceed to Immigration and show your passport and departure card.

Macau, Pearl River Delta ferry terminals

For passengers using ferry terminals, please check the latest FERRY schedules on their websites.

It is also possible to check in at the ferry terminals below. For more information, please see Hong Kong ferry transfer service.
Participating ferry terminals: Macau (Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal),Taipa (Macau Taipa), Shenzhen (Shekou), Shenzhen (Fuyong), Dongguan (Humen), Guangzhou (Pazhou)

  • *Passengers traveling on Cathay Pacific code share flights should check in at the Cathay Pacific check-in counter.
  • *For aviation security reasons, the contents of your luggage may be examined at the check-in counter.
  • *At certain times of day, the counter can become extremely busy due to other arrivals occurring at the same time.

Hong Kong ferry transfer service


Please show your passport, boarding pass, and departure card. Your passport will be stamped with a departure stamp.

Security check

Before pass through the Immigration, your carry-on baggage will be checked, and you will undergo a body scan.

  • There is minimal risk of camera film being exposed, but if you are concerned, it is recommended that you deposit the film or the camera containing the film with an official.
  • The inspection is strict. Knives are obviously forbidden, as well as other sharp items such as nail clippers and even nose hair clippers. To avoid any issues, please do not put these items in your hand luggage.

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