Upgrading to Premium Economy Class at the Airport

If there is availability on the flight, JAL may offer upgrades to "Premium Economy Class" with the following additional charge to an Economy Class ticket.
When upgrading to Premium Economy Class at the airport, mileage is based not on the fare of the Premium Economy Class ticket, but the fare of the purchased Economy Class ticket.

Applicable routes (both directions) and charges (per sector)

Area City From Japan To Japan
North America and Hawaii New York JPY 40,000 USD 350
Chicago JPY 40,000 USD 350
Boston JPY 40,000 USD 350
Dallas JPY 40,000 USD 350
Los Angeles JPY 40,000 USD 350
San Francisco JPY 40,000 USD 350
Seattle JPY 40,000 USD 350
San Diego JPY 40,000 USD 350
Vancouver JPY 40,000 CAD 490
Honolulu JPY 40,000 USD 350
Europe London JPY 40,000 GBP 290
  • *Addition of "Air Passenger Duty Tax" to this charge is required.
Paris JPY 40,000 EUR 330
Frankfurt JPY 40,000 EUR 330
Helsinki JPY 40,000 EUR 330
Moscow JPY 35,000 RUB 18,000
Australia Sydney JPY 30,000 AUD 350
Melbourne JPY 30,000 AUD 350
Southeast Asia and South Asia Bangkok JPY 20,000 THB 6,200
Jakarta JPY 20,000 IDR 2,800,000
Singapore JPY 20,000 SGD 250
Hanoi JPY 20,000 USD 180
Ho Chi Minh City JPY 20,000 USD 180
Manila JPY 20,000 USD 180
Kuala Lumpur JPY 20,000 MYR 800
Delhi JPY 30,000 INR 18,000
Hong Kong Hong Kong JPY 15,000 HKD 1,500
China Shanghai JPY 15,000 CNY 1,000
  • *Only applicable for flights operated by JAL.
  • *Customers ticketed on codeshare partner flight numbers operated by JAL are not applicable for this upgrade except as noted below.
    • ·American Airlines' customers are applicable for this upgrade on all of the above routes.
    • ·British Airways' customers are applicable for this upgrade between Tokyo/London Heathrow, Tokyo/Frankfurt and Tokyo/Helsinki.
    • ·Finnair's customers are applicable for this upgrade only between Tokyo/Frankfurt and Tokyo/Helsinki.
  • *Supplementary services such as lounge access and mileage accumulation will be based on original ticket fares.

July 5, 2022
Japan Airlines

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