Flights operated by JAL depart from and arrive at Terminal 3.

Updated: 2024/2/22


Request to wear a mask

After March 13, passengers will continue to be requested to wear masks in the airport. Please prepare your own masks.


Arrival flow




Baggage Claim




Flights operated by JAL will arrive at Terminal 3.

Arrival regulations


Vaccination is required if you have been in a yellow fever or contaminated area, or traveled via a contaminated area, within the past 6 days. (It is also recommended that you are vaccinated against cholera and malaria if you intend to visit areas where these may be a threat.)


Passenger traveling for the purposes below,and who are staying for 30 days or less,may obtaiin a visa upon arrival(IDR500,000 or USD equivalent).

*During the Covid-19 , it is necessary to obtain a visa upon arrival even for tourism purposes.


・ Tourism
・ Business negotiations:Business talks,negotiations,contract conclusions.
   However,continuous supervision of the production activities of producers and sellers shall not be cariied out.
・ Purchasing goods 
   However,continuous supervision of the production activities of producers and sellers shall not be cariied out.
・ Conference:Participation in conferences held by the head office or the Indonesian office.
・ Goverment affairs
・ Transit Passenger continuing travel/movement to another country.


Your passport must be valid for at least 6months,and it must contain plenty of blank pages.

Entry is only possible at major airports such as Jakarta and Denpasar.

Please show your return ticket or ticket to a third country to an immigration officer.


Please contact the Indonesian Embassy for more information.


Since the customs declaration has been changed to an electoronic one,please access from the following URL and declare customs in advance using a PC or mobile device.


*You can use the free Wi-Fi in the airport,but it may take time to connect.

*You can apply for customs declaration onliine from 3days before the departure date,so we recommend that you declare customs in advance


In additon,for customaers who do not have a PC or mobile devices,a PC terminal for customs declarations installed in the arrival lobby(Baggage claim area).

    • Duty-free applies only to persons aged 18 or over, or 21 years and over for tobacco and alcohol products.


Prior reservation is necessary if you wish to bring your pet, as the transportation environment within the aircraft needs to be prepared.

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Please also be sure to check with the embassy or quarantine station at your destination for animal quarantine information such as import restrictions and required documentation.


Departure flow






Flights operated by JAL will depart from Terminal 3.

Departure regulations


Please present your flight ticket or E-Ticket Passenger Receipt at the entrance to the departures lobby, and submit all of your baggage for a security inspection.
Depending on the time of day, the security inspection can take a long time, so it is recommended that you allow plenty of leeway.


The JAL check-in counters are located at Departure Floor, numbers C1-6 at Terminal 3.

Check-in opening times:

・ JL726: from 18:30.(On or after March 10 19:00)

・ JL720: from 04:00.

The flight number is displayed above the check-in counter accepting passengers for that flight.


Please show your passport and boarding pass.

Carry-on baggage

Body checks are carried out and baggage is X-rayed again at the entrance to each gate. (You are required to show your passport and boarding pass.)
It becomes extremely busy immediately before boarding starts, so it is recommended that you arrive early.

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