[Bengaluru] Kempegowda INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

Flights operated by JAL depart from and arrive at Terminal 2.

Updated: 2024/3/8


Basically, visa is required for entering India.

新しいウインドウで開きますHow to apply for an India tourist visa

新しいウインドウで開きますThe prohibitions of carry-on "Matches and Lighters" from India

Import and sale of electronic cigarettes are prohibited in India, and possession is subject to fines.


Arrival flow




Baggage Claim




Arrival regulations


There is no quarantine check for passengers entering from Japan.
If you are arriving from a contaminated area or via a contaminated area, you must be vaccinated against yellow fever.


A visa is required. (Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months if applying for a visa upon arrival.)
Please present your passport and immigration card to the immigration officer.

A papre boarding pass is required upon entering India.

Therefore,mobile boarding passes are not available.

Please be sure to receive your boarding pass at the departure airport counter.


If you are carrying or are in possession of items to declare, you must complete a customs declaration form.
Passengers with nothing to declare do not need to submit a customs declaration form.


Prior reservation is necessary if you wish to bring your pet, as the transportation environment within the aircraft needs to be prepared.

Inquiriy - JAL International Reservation and Information

Please also be sure to check with the embassy or quarantine station at your destination for animal quarantine information such as import restrictions and required documentation.


Departure flow






Security check


Departure regulations


Check-in counters are located on the 3rd floor,departure level at Terminal 2.
Please confirm the lane for check-in counter at the airport on the departure day.

Check-in will start 3 hours 30 minutes before the departure time

You may enter the terminal 6 hours prior to your departure.
To enter the international terminal, you need to show a valid flight ticket or e-ticket itinerary for that day. People coming to see you off are not permitted to enter the terminal.
When making changes to your reservation, please complete the necessary procedures such as making contact with the call center and receiving new e-ticket itinerary by e-mail in advance.

    • Power banks, lithium batteries, computers, laptops, coconuts and drones are not allowed in checked baggage.


Please show your passport and boarding pass to an immigration officer.

Carry-on baggage Security check

After undergoing a body check and having your baggage X-rayed, please make your way to the departures lobby.

Please note that it is forbidden to take matches or lighters on board in India, both in carry-on baggage and checked baggage.

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