Updated: 2023/6/2


Arrival flow




Baggage Claim




People coming to meet you are only allowed to enter the arrivals lobby via entrances 1 through 3.
It is recommended that people coming to meet you go to the Meeting Point near entrance number 3.
Entrances 4,6,8, and 9 are always closed during arrivals.
(Please note that airport authorities may change the rules on which entrances are open and which are closed without giving prior notice.)

Arrival regulations


Yellow fever: If you have traveled from or transferred via a country contaminated with yellow fever within the past 10 days, you are required to show a certificate of vaccination.


  1. Japanese citizens who are visiting Thailand for sightseeing purposes for stays of 30 days or less (29 nights, 30 days), are permitted to enter the country without a visa. Japanese citizens entering Thailand without a visa may only stay for up to 30 days per visit. Passengers wishing to stay for longer than 30 days, or who are traveling for purposes other than sightseeing, must obtain a visa in advance from the Thai embassy or consulate. Furthermore, passengers aged 12 and over must have sufficient funds in their possession for the duration of their stay.
  2. At Immigration, you will be required to submit your passport and boarding pass. If the immigration officer asks to see your return airline ticket, you must comply. When the immigration inspection is complete, your passport will be returned along with your boarding pass.And TM.6 immigration card is now temporarily suspended until further notice.This temporary policy applies to the passenger who enter Thailand by Air only.
    • In order to avoid any trouble at Immigration, it is recommended that you obtain a return ticket or ticket to a third country in advance.
    • Passengers aged 12 and over must have sufficient funds in their possession for the duration of their stay.
Information regarding Immigration Priority Lane

First and Business Class passengers are invited to use Immigration Priority Lane.

Information regarding Fast Track Lane

Diplomatic and Official passport holders ,BOI(APEC CARD)/ABTC, MICE,Smart visa,Long-term resident visa(LTR) are invited to use Fast Track Lane.


If you do not need to make a customs declaration, please follow the green line (Nothing to Declare). If you need to make a declaration, please follow the red line (Goods to Declare).


Prior reservation is necessary if you wish to bring your pet, as the transportation environment within the aircraft needs to be prepared.

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Please also be sure to check with the embassy or quarantine station at your destination for animal quarantine information such as import restrictions and required documentation.


Departure flow




Security check




Terminal 2

Departure regulations


Check-in opening times:

  • JL708:from 05:35
  • JL032:from 06:25
  • JL034:from 19:05
  • JL728:from 21:25 

There are 10 islands (8 international, 2 domestic) in the departures lobby (level 4). To check in for JL flights, please go to P counter.

    • It is not allowed to take durians into the cabin. Please securely wrap durians if you would like to pack them in your checked baggage.

Carry-on baggage Security check

Take the escalator at the back of the departures lobby to travel one floor up (level 5), where your baggage will undergo a security check.

Information for Business Class passengers about Fast Track Lane (Security check / Immigration priority lane)
  • Business Class passengers are able to use Fast Track Lane, a priority lane through the carry-on baggage security check and Immigration.

  • Fast Track Lane is located on the same floor as the check-in counter. It is not necessary to go up a level.
    (After completing immigration procedures, you will rejoin other passengers in the general duty-free shop and boarding gate area.)


After the baggage inspection, follow the route to Immigration. (You will return one floor below to level 4.)
Please hand your passport, departure card (one half of the arrival card), and boarding pass to the immigration officer.

Value Added Tax Refund

If you purchased goods at a shop displaying a sign reading “VAT Refund for Tourists”, you are able to receive a tax refund.

    1. What to do when purchasing goods Ask staff in the shop to prepare a tax exemption document.
    2. What to do prior to check-in Present unopened purchased goods, tax exemption documents and VAT receipts at the Customs Office, and ask them to stamp the documents.
    3. What to do after Immigration After Immigration, apply for a refund at the tax exemption counter (VAT Refund Office).

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