Guidance for Procedures (Time Changes)

If your flight experiences a departure or arrival time change, please check the JAL website to view the new departure/arrival time and confirm your booking.

  • Screen content may differ from that shown here for customers traveling on Award Tickets.


Manage booking

On the Manage booking screen, log in as a JMB member or enter your booking information (passenger, departure date, booking number, etc.) to search for your booking.


Booking details

The booking’s status will be displayed.

Please click or tap “Confirm booking with these flights.”


Change completion

The change is complete.

Please come directly to the airport on the day of your flight. (Please board using the method listed in the boarding instructions.)

Click or tap “To booking details” on this screen to view boarding methods and booking details.


  • If you have booked an unchangeable ticket, and your itinerary becomes no longer viable, you can change flights or refund your ticket through the JAL Domestic Contact Center.
  • If you are unable to complete the procedure with a ticket purchased from a travel agency, please contact the travel agency where you applied for the ticket.