How to display receipt online

* Receipt display service is only available for PC sites.


This service allows you to display receipts including ticket prices onscreen and print them out after purchase. It can be used for tickets purchased via the JAL website, by phone, or at a JAL Group ticket counter, convenience store, or bank/post office ATM.

  • Electronic receipts provide the same record of purchase as paper receipts. However, please verify that a printout is acceptable before attempting to use it for expense reimbursement or similar purposes.

Number of times receipt can be displayed/printed



Information shown on receipt

  • Receipt issue date
  • Ticket issue date*1
  • Ticket number

Useful features

  • Display fees and extra charges*2



  1. If your booking has changed, the receipt will show the ticket purchase date or booking change date.
  2. Cancellation/refund fees and extra charges can only be displayed on the Change/Cancellation Confirmation screen.

How to display receipt online


Display your booking details

Navigate to the Domestic top page and search for the booking for which you want to display a receipt. You can also click the below button to search for bookings.

Navigate to the Domestic top page and search for the booking for which you want to display a receipt. 


Select receipt to display

Select the "Display Receipt" button from the list of booking services.

PC site screen example


Select addressee and passenger/flight

Enter the addressee's name, select the passenger and flight, and click the "Display Receipt" button.


  • Customers should check for themselves whether this self-print receipt format is accepted for accounting use or not.
  • If your itineray contains multiple flight segments, and you made reservation change after boarding some of the flights, the boarded flight will not be shown in the flight details. This may cause the sum of fare breakdown in flight details may not match the total amount shown on the receipt.
  • The following receipt cannot be displayed online. Please contact us (Domestic Reservation and Information) for further assistance.
  • Receipts for Okinawa to/from Kitadaito via Minamidaito, or Okinawa to/from Minamidaito via Kitadaito route tickets transfering on the same day (*)
  • Receipt for the flown portion of the itinerary while the remainder of the itinerary was refunded.
  • Receipts for ticket prices that exclude First Class and Class J charges
  • Receipts for Ticket Refund and Cancellation Charges (*)

You may also apply the receipt for the total paid amount for your ticket and those receipts with asterick (*) above via the online application form below. (Receipt will be sent by post mail.)