Internet money transfer

Customers who have signed up for Internet banking with their financial institutions can pay for booked tickets via Internet money transfer.This service is free of charge.

Customers using Pay-easy payment and transfer service

Pay-easy is a service that allows you to pay for utilities and other bills via ATM or the Internet.

Participating financial institutions

Payment deadline

Two hours prior to the booked flight’s departure 

  • If the ticket has a purchase deadline, that deadline applies

Customers using an Internet money transfer service

Participating financial institutions

Payment deadline

Seven days prior to the booked flight’s departure 

  • If the ticket has a purchase deadline, that deadline applies

How to use


Book a flight ticket

Book your domestic flight ticket through the JAL website or JAL Contact Center (Domestic Reservation and Information).

If you are a JAL Mileage Bank member, when making a booking, please provide your JMB number.

  • If you have enrolled to JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) online but have not yet received your membership card, or your registered address to JMB is outside Japan, don't provide your JAL Mileage Bank membership number.


Internet money transfer

On the purchase page, select "Internet money transfer" and choose the financial institution you wish to use, and you will be taken to your financial institution’s money transfer page.

Once the transfer is complete*, a payment number will be displayed on the transfer completion page of the JAL website.

  • If your financial institution supports Pay-easy, you can complete the transfer process by pressing "Confirm payment”.Please be sure to press the “Confirm payment” button. If you do not press this button, which is displayed on a separate page from the money transfer page, you will not be able to view the payment number.
  • The payment number is displayed only once on the transfer completion page.Please be sure to retain this number, as we cannot provide it to you at a later date.


Bring the required boarding document(s)

Please have one of the following items on hand.


Go to the airport

Notes on making payments by internet money transfer


Changes and cancellations can be made through the JAL website or by telephone via the JAL Contact Center.

  • Reservation change via the JAL website must be made two days prior to the departure date only when a fare difference must be paid.


Payment will be refunded to the specified bank account. 

  • To request a refund, you must enter a payment number.
  • For refunds to a Japan Post Bank account, you must provide the branch name, account type, account number, and account holder’s name as required for Japanese Bankers Association transfers. Your current Japan Post Bank account number (code/number) cannot be used for transfers. Please visit the Japan Post Bank website to obtain a number for use in money transfers.
  • You must request a refund before the refund expiration date.
  • Once the request is processed, the funds will be transferred to the specified account within five business days. (*1)

*1 This is the standard processing time for transfers. It may be longer under certain circumstances, such as bank or other system failures or large-scale flight disruptions due to inclement weather or other causes. 


  • Payment services are only available for bookings of up to six people and up to four segments.
  • Payment services may not be available for certain bookings (depending on fare type, length of passenger names, etc.) or at certain times of day.
  • If you forget to bring the required boarding documents (e.g. JMB Card/JALCARD, ticket number), you will not be able to obtain a ticket or boarding pass.You will need to purchase a new ticket at the airport. Please see about flight tickets for details.