Ticket Refund and Cancellation Charges

Refunds and cancellations of purchased tickets are subject to the designated handling charges, which will be settled in the sum of "Ticket Refund and Cancellation Charges".

About changes and refunds


Cancellation/Refund Charges

In the sum of Refund Charges (¥440* per flight ticket / flight sector) and Cancellation Charges for each fare as follows.

  • A Refund Charges of ¥430 will apply to all tickets purchased on or before Monday, 30 September 2019, regardless of the date of refund.

Customers may request to have a flight ticket or surcharge ticket refunded.

One-Way Fare, Child Fare 開く
Round-Trip Fare 開く
Discount for the Disabled 開く
Care Giver's Saver Fare 開く
JAL Business KIPPU 開く
TOKUBIN Advance Purchase Fare 開く
SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare 開く
JMB Companion Fare 開く
Remote Island Fare 開く
RAC Round-Trip Fare 開く
Shareholder's Saver Fare 開く
Special Transit Fare 開く
Transit Fare 開く
Senior Citizen Stand-By Fare 開く
Sky Mate Stand-By Fare 開く

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