Request for a rapid evacuation

We kindly ask for your cooperation in followings for safe and rapid evacuation of all passengers in case of emergency.

Important notice when you evacuate

  • Don't take anything since it may hinder evacuation.
  • In case you evacuate with your baggage, it may block the aisle and hinder other passengers' evacuation.
  • Baggage and high heels may damage or deflate the slide which precludes others from evacuating.

Important notice when you slide down and assist others

  • When sliding down, sit upright to gaze at the landing point.
  • When assisting other passengers, stand next to the slide, pull them up, and direct them to evacuate away from the aircraft to avoid congestion.

Passengers seated in the emergency exit row are requested to assist in an emergency evacuation

We kindly request the assistance of passengers seated in the emergency exit row to enable the passengers to swiftly evacuate.

At emergency exits fitted with an Escape Slide,

  • Keep other passengers clear of the emergency exit door until crew members or passenger-helpers safely open it.
  • Open the emergency exit doors in accordance with the directions of crew members.
  • After the Escape Slide is deployed, quickly evacuate the passengers.
  • Assist other passengers coming down the emergency evacuation slide and direct them to evacuate away from the aircraft immediately.

For this reason, only passengers who agree to assist are assigned to the emergency exit row. We would appreciate your understanding.

See below for details.