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A350 Features

Bringing a new level of comfort to the skies of Japan.

The A350 features the latest in aircraft interior design: a fluid cabin design in which temperature and humidity are kept closer to ground level for greater comfort.It also sports state-of-the-art aerodynamic design, new lighter-weight materials, and newly developed engines for a quieter, more open in-flight experience.

Seats in all classes are equipped with personal monitors, offering in-flight entertainment programs for your enjoyment, including external camera views and a variety of movies.

USB ports / AC power outlets

All seats are equipped with USB ports and AC power outlets for charging laptop computers and other personal devices.

Ample storage space

The A350's high-capacity overhead storage bins are spacious enough for every passenger to bring one wheeled carry-on bag with room to spare.

Large-sized windows

The A350's large windows - 42cm tall and 27cm wide - let more natural sunlight in and allow you to enjoy the view outside from a more comfortable seating position.

Coordinated interior design evoking Japan's traditional beauty

JAL's Airbus A350 aircraft feature all-new interior and seat designs in First Class, Class J, and Economy Class that evoke the traditional beauty of Japan.

Seat design offers privacy in harmony with the outside world

The unique seat design uses large shells and armrests to create private spaces that seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment.

Color scheme creates a visual sense of spaciousness

Seat covers use a combination of two different fabric types to provide accent to the cabin space while creating a visual sense of spaciousness.

Modern interior design interweaved with Japanese tradition

The interior uses a base tone of red--JAL's corporate color and the traditional color of Japan--to present a new, uniquely Japanese sense of comfort.

A350 Special painting machine

Environmental stewardship

Environmental stewardship is an important theme in the air travel industry. JAL is doing its part by working to reduce its environmental impact in all aspects of its corporate activities. Our introduction of the A350 and other environmentally friendly aircraft to our fleet is one example of those efforts.

The A350 combines a number of innovative technologies to achieve significant noise reduction and better fuel efficiency compared to the existing aircrafts of similar size. It is expected to consume 25% less fuel, and this will largely contribute to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

Flying the A350 will help JAL achieve CO2 emissions reduction targets in SDG No. 13: "Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts."


The Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, are a set of 17 targets for the international community adopted at a UN summit in September 2015. They aim to change the world by eliminating poverty, preserving land and ocean resources, balancing economic growth with decent work, and ensuring that all people can enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

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