EMBRAER170 (E70) / Aircrafts and seats

Embraer170 is made by Embraer, the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world after Boeing and Airbus. Since the internal diameter is wide enough, the range between the seats, passageway width, height of ceiling and legroom i s very comfortable for passengers.

Domestic aircraft

M01 (Total seating capacity: 76)



Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit row seat

No window

No reclining


Lavatory with Diaper Changing Table

Lavatory with multi function bidet

Wheelchair accessible lavatory with diaper changing table

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M01 Seatmap

Seat specifications by class

Seat Economy class
Power outlet Not available
Inflight Wi-Fi Not available
Row 1-19Row
Seating capacity 76
  • Please refer to below.


Length 29.9m
Wingspan 26.0m
Height 9.9m
Engine thrust 5,900kg X 2
Standard seating capacity 76
Cruising speed 800km/h
Maximum take-off weight 34.5t