ATR72-600 (AT7) / Aircrafts and seats

ATR72-600 is the stretch version of ATR42-600. The most advanced turboprops having both cabin comfortability and eco-friendiness (fuel efficient and low noise) will contribute to the regional communities.

Domestic aircraft

T71 (Total seating capacity: 70)



Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit row seat

No window

No reclining


Lavatory with Diaper Changing Table

Lavatory with multi function bidet

Wheelchair accessible lavatory with diaper changing table

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T41 Seatmap

Seat specifications by class

Seat Economy class
Power outlet Not Available
Inflight Wi-Fi Not Available
Row 1-18Row
Seating capacity 70
  • Please refer to below.


Length 27.2m
Wingspan 27.1m
Height 7.7m
Engine thrust 2,475 SHP×2
Standard seating capacity 70
Cruising speed 510km/h
Maximum take-off weight 22.8t
Range 1,528km