JAL Coupon Awards

JAL Coupons can be used as full or partial payment
for flight tickets, package tours, hotel stays, dining, and more (10,000 miles = equivalent to ¥12,000)

Restrictions of Use

  • Some restrictions apply to the eligible persons who can use JAL Coupons, eligible locations, and other usage criteria. For more information, please refer to the JAL Coupon Guide that is enclosed with your JAL Coupons.
  • JAL Coupon usage and other restrictions are subject to change without notice.
  • JAL Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded.
    No change will be given if the value of the JAL Coupons exceeds the purchase price.
    JAL Coupons that are sold, bartered, or exchanged will be null and void.
    Monetary refunds of flight tickets, package tours, inflight shopping, mail order items, and other purchases made using JAL Coupons will be issued minus the JAL Coupon amount. If you use JAL Coupons for full or partial payment of a flight ticket that cannot be changed, and subsequently require a reservation change, the ticket must be cancelled and refunded and the above restrictions will apply. Similarly, booked package tours that require a reservation change must be cancelled first. Any amount paid with JAL Coupons will not be refunded, regardless of the incurrence of any cancellation fees. Please note that these terms and conditions apply only when the change is made at the request of the customer.
  • Once redeemed, mileage cannot be refunded to the original JMB account.
    Mileage that has been deducted from a JMB account following a JAL Coupon Awards request cannot be refunded to the original account or used in exchange for a different award. This applies regardless of whether the refund request is made before the use of the JAL Coupons.
  • For members in the Japan Region who have registered to the JALCARD Family Program, awards redeemed by pooling family mileage may be used by the primary member, the primary member's spouse, the primary member's relatives within the second degree of kinship, and the spouses of the primary member's brothers/sisters-in-law.
    Please refer to the notes on redemption of awards using the JALCARD Family Program. (Japanese only)
  • For members in regions other than Japan, please refer to the This page will open in a new windownotes on award redemptions using the JAL Family Club mileage pool.
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