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Which Side is Mt. Fuji?

Airlines fly so called flight routes, and views of Mt. Fuji vary at different points along the same routes.
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Last update: 2022.6.29

  • This service tells you which side you can see Mt. Fuji on a normal flight route.
  • Please note that the flight route may change due to weather condition and flight time, and you may not be able to see Mt. Fuji.
  • The photo of Mt. Fuji is an image. You will not be able to see Mt. Fuji after dark.
  • Seasonal operation flights and codeshare flights with Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) will not be displayed.

The following are frequently asked questions about seeing
Mt. Fuji from a plane window.

Q How many routes that start at Haneda Airport provide views of Mt. Fuji?

Airlines fly what are called flight routes, and six of these routes pass close to Haneda Airport heading west. Although routes that pass directly over Mt. Fuji unfortunately (Y28) do not afford a view of the mountain, there are three routes to the north (Y884, Y18, Y20) and two routes to the south (Y56, Y58) of Mt. Fuji that do afford views. All routes flying from the west to Haneda Airport fly around the south side of Mt. Fuji and allow passengers to see the mountain from the left side of the plane.

Q Do views of Mt. Fuji differ with each route? (Is the caldera visible and from what angle?)
A Views depend on the aircraft and the height at which they fly, but flights that pass close to the mountain allow passengers to see the caldera. Looking down on Mount Fuji from above provides an unusual view of the mountain.
Q How long into a flight from Haneda Airport does Mt. Fuji appear?
A Although this will differ slightly depending on things such as the type of aircraft, winds, and runway used for takeoff from Haneda Airport, you will be able to see Mt. Fuji about 10 to 15 minutes after takeoff.
Q I thought I'd be able to see Mt. Fuji but couldn't. Why?
A On routes where aircraft fly almost directly over Mt.Fuji, hardly any of the mountain can be seen from the planes' windows. For flights departing from Haneda Airport, this applies to routes flying to such airports as Kumamoto and Oita airport.
Depending on your flight path, you may be able to get a rare top-down view of Mt. Fuji from the left side of the plane.
Q Are there certain seasons that provide clearer views of Mt. Fuji?
A As there is generally less moisture in the air in winter, the air is clearer than in summer. Mt. Fuji is therefore probably more clearly visible in winter. On cloudy days, however, Mt. Fuji will be difficult to see, regardless of the season.
Q In what months does Mt. Fuji get snowfall?
A You can see snowcapped Mt. Fuji from about late October to early June.
Q Other than Mt. Fuji, what else can be seen in the area? (Southern Alps, nearby lakes, etc.)
A When there are clear skies around Mt. Fuji, you'll be able to see the Fuji Five Lakes as well as sights including the Izu Peninsula and Miho no Matsubara. On flights departing from Haneda Airport, the Southern Alps will come into view about five minutes after passing by Mt. Fuji.
Q When flying near Mt. Fuji, about how many times the height of Mt. Fuji will the plane's altitude be?
A This depends on the aircraft and the altitude required to ensure safety, but altitudes will be between two and three times the height of Mount Fuji.
Q Which seats afford the best views of scenery outside?
A Seats that have no windows or that sit directly on top of the wings make it difficult to see outside scenery. (When reserving a seat, you can check if the seat has no window or sits on the wings.)

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