Airport Guide Niigata Airport



Check-in for code share flights with FDA will be accepted at FDA check-in counters.

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Please pass through the security checkpoint at least 20 minutes prior to the departure, and be at the gate no later than 10 minutes before the departure,or you may not be able to be on board the plane.



2nd Floor

In the departure lobby, there are toilets, toilets (wheelchair accessible), a nursery, elevators, escalators, stairs, telephones, shops, and cafe.Once you pass through the security check, there are toilets, toilets (wheelchair accessible), a nursery, escalators, shops, and cafe.In the international flight area, there are immigration screening/check area, and stairs.

1st Floor

In the domestic flight check-in lobby, there are domestic flight check-in counters, FDA check-in counters, escalators, to the 2nd floor, toilets, toilets (wheelchair accessible), telephones, information counters, car rental counters, baggage lockers, cafe, and shops.In the baggage claim area, there are toilets, toilets(wheelchair accessible)and escalators.In the international flight check-in lobby, there are international flight check-in counters, elevators, stairs, to the 2nd floor, ATM, and banks.In the international flight area there are customs, and stairs.You can find telephones, a postbox, taxis and buses outside.