JAL Global Club Membership Rules (for members living outside Japan who are not JALCARD members)

Important information

In association with the launch of the JAL Life Status Program, the JAL Global Club Membership Rules will be revised.
For more information about the revisions, please refer to the comparison chart below.

Article 1. Name

This program is named JAL Global Club (JGC).

Article 2. Purpose

JGC is a membership program with the purpose of providing special services to travelers who frequently fly with Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., Japan TransOcean Air Co., Ltd., J-AIR Co., Ltd., Japan Air Commuter Co., Ltd., and Ryukyu Air Commuter Co., Ltd., and of promoting mutual fellowship and networking among members.

Article 3. Secretariat

The JGC secretariat office is the local Japan Airlines office.

Article 4. Admission

An individual who meets eligibility for membership described in Article 5 below and who agrees to the purpose of JGC, applies for membership, and is accepted for admission by Japan Airlines will be enrolled as a JGC member. This individual must agree to comply with these JAL Global Club Membership Rules to enroll in JGC.

Article 5. Eligibility

To qualify for JAL Global Club membership (for those living outside Japan who are not JALCARD members), an individual must achieve the specific qualifying activity that Japan Airlines establishes as a qualification for membership, and must agree to the deduction of a specific number of miles from his/her JMB account at initial registration. Each JGC member will receive a grade that is determined by his/her qualifying activity specified by Japan Airlines.

Article 6. Membership Renewal

The renewal of JGC membership is granted in exchange for a specific number miles to be deducted from the member's JMB account at the time of membership renewal. Japan Airlines retains the right to withdraw membership from any JGC member at any time if Japan Airlines discovers a member to have committed any violations as described in Article 9.2 and 9.3 below.

Article 7. Services and benefits

A JGC member is entitled to enjoy services and benefits offered by JGC based on his/her grade.

Article 8. Proof of Membership

A JGC member will be able to present proof of JGC membership only in the manner specified by Japan Airlines.

Article 9. Cancellation of Membership

A member will forfeit membership if any of the following conditions apply.

1. The member requests membership withdrawal.
2. The member violates these JAL Global Club Membership Rules or the JMB Rules and Conditions.
3. The member damages JGC's reputation or disrupts operations or public order.
4. The member moving to Japan is unable to switch to a JAL Global Club JALCARD within the specific timeframe specified by Japan Airlines.

Article 10. Changes to Membership Data

A member shall inform Japan Airlines or the JAL Mileage Bank Center of any changes to the member's address or other pertinent membership data.

Article 11. Applicable Terms and Conditions

Any matters not stipulated in these JAL Global Club Membership Rules will be governed by the JMB Rules and Conditions.

Article 12. Changes to JAL Global Club Membership Rules

JAL reserves the right to change these JAL Global Club Membership Rules. In the event that JAL makes changes to these JAL Global Club Membership Rules, JAL will provide notice to members within a reasonable period of time in an appropriate manner such as posting information on the JAL website that changes will be made, as well as information about the revised JAL Global Club Membership Rules and the effective date of the changes.

(As of January 10, 2024)