Receipt issuance

Learn about how and where to obtain receipt of JAL International Flight ticket.


Take advantage of the more convenient electronic receipt on the JAL website.
Electronic receipts can be issued from the following.

About receipt

Electronic receipts for tickets booked on the JAL website, via phone, or at a JAL Group city or airport counter can be issued on JAL Web.

The JAL website offers two types of receipt display.

Please see below for details and instructions on each type.

  • Electronic receipts can be issued as many times as you like.
  • The receipts meet the requirements of the qualified invoice system as stipulated by the Consumption Tax Law of Japan.
  • Our air transportation business falls under the category of businesses permitted to issue qualified simple invoices as stipulated in Consumption Tax Law Enforcement Order 70-11 (1) (iv).

Information available for display

The Electronic receipt  covers JAL paid tickets and award tickets as well as award tickets issued by partner carriers.

The following information can be displayed.

  • Amount paid for ticket at time of purchase
  • Price differences and charges for any changes made
  • Cancellation charges
  • Payments for optional services
  • Non-refundable fares are eligible for Electronic receipts only when purchasing a new ticket or changing flights.

Instructions (The Electronic Receipt)

Eletectronic receipts can be issued from the booking details page.

Please see below. To view booking details, you will need to log in as a JMB member or enter the booking number, boarding date, flight number, and passenger name.

  • If a booking includes multiple passengers, a single receipt can be issued for all of them.
  • Receipts will include a breakdown of fares, taxes, charges, etc.
  • The itinerary will be shown on the receipt.
  • If you have selected a payment currency for Multi Currency Pricing (MCP), the total payment amount in the selected currency and the conversion rate will be shown on the receipt.
    Please see below for details.


Notes about Receipt issuance

  • If you purchased your tickets through a travel agency, please contact the travel agency.
  • If you cannot use the JAL website’s receipt display services, please contact us using the below link.