Updated : 2016/1/4


Terminal map

Transfers from JAL flights to Canadian domestic flights

  1. As Vancouver is the entry point into Canada, it is necessary to undergo immigration and customs checks. Please ensure that you collect your checked baggage from the baggage return carousel after Immigration (even if you have been issued with a checked-through baggage tag, you still need to retrieve your baggage briefly.)
  2. After proceeding through Customs, please go to the airline counter for your connecting flight, and carry out check-in procedures.
  • Passengers connecting to Air Canada (AC) should first collect their baggage and go through Customs at the booth for transit passengers (on the right), and then go from the Customs Hall to Level 4, using the dedicated walkway to reach the Air Canada Transfers Counter. Passengers connecting to WestJet (WS) should collect their baggage and go through Customs, and then exit the lobby via the international arrivals exit (on the right) to find the WestJet Transfers Counter directly in front of them.

Transfers from JAL to the United States (with a checked-through baggage tag)

  1. Flights arrive at terminal building 3. After arrival, take the Skywalk walkway on Level 4 and follow the signs for "USA Transfer".
  2. Just before the escalator from Level 4 to Level 3, airport staff will check your US immigration papers and customs declaration form, so please fill in the necessary information beforehand.
  3. After your documents have been inspected, take the escalator down to Level 3, where airline staff for your connecting flight will issue you with a boarding pass and inspect your checked baggage.
  4. There will also be a security check. Please ensure that you do not pack any liquids in your carry-on baggage.
  5. After the security check, airport staff will inspect your checked baggage. This is done by video camera, so there is no need for you take the baggage yourself.
  6. Proceed to the US Immigration Booth (USA CIQ Pre-Clearance), and submit your immigration documents (an I-94 and customs declaration form) to carry out your US immigration procedure. If you complete immigration here, your arrivals procedure in the US will be simplified. Please note: If you have already applied for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ESTA) for the US, it is not necessary to submit immigration documents.
  7. A customs inspection will also be carried out. (Baggage is not inspected. You just need to submit a customs declaration form.)
  8. Then proceed to the departure gate for your connecting flight.

Terminal Information

All domestic and international flights leave from the same terminal.

Minimum Connecting Time (Approximate)

Please plan for a minimum of 90 minutes when transferring from JAL to other airlines (international and domestic) or from other airlines to JAL, to allow for crowds in the terminal and the delayed arrival of your inbound flight due to weather conditions, etc., as well as the traveling time between the new international terminal and the domestic terminal. In particular, passengers traveling in groups should ensure that they allow plenty of time, with 90 minutes being the minimum.

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