Flights operated by JAL depart from and arrive at Terminal 2.

Updated : 2017/8/31


Terminal map

Terminal guidance of airlines

Terminal 1
  • Qantas Airways (QF)
Terminal 2
  • Japan Airlines (JL)
Terminal 3
  • Virgin Australia(VA)
Terminal 4
  • Jetstar Airways (JQ)
  • Tigerair(TR)
  • Regional Express Airlines(ZL)

International Transit

  1. When departing Melbourne, you may collect the boarding pass for your onward destination by proceeding from the transit area to the departures floor. You can check your baggage through to your final destination at your point of departure.
  2. If you did not check your baggage through to your final destination, you will need to pass through Immigration, collect your baggage from the baggage claim area, and then re-check your baggage at the check-in counter for your connecting airline.

Domestic Transit within Australia

Immigration checks will be carried out in Melbourne.
Exit the international terminal and walk to the terminal of your connecting airline.

Minimum Connecting Time (Approximate)

JAL → other international airlines 60 minutes
JAL → domestic airlines
120 minutes
Domestic airlines → JAL 90 minutes (120 minutes from T3/T4)


  • Connecting times can vary between airlines. Please contact the connecting airline for further information.

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