Regarding high call volume at JAL Call Center due to the Novel Coronavirus

Thank you for flying with Japan Airlines.

Due to the Novel Coronavirus,we are currently experiencing high call volume at JAL Call Center.

Therefore, you may experience a greater hold time than usual or may not be able to connect.

If it's not an urgent case, please call us after late March.

Also, we've been receiving many inquiries by email and taking a long time to reply.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

We accept change/refund at our Call Center during a particular period even after the departure time of your flight. 

Regarding the applicable period, please refer to the page "Special handling for international tickets following the situation of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus." 

Also, refund of domestic tickets and international tickets can be processed through JAL website.

  • It may take a longer time than usual to refund by cash.

"To the customer who would like to refund the International ticket by the new corona virus"

We’ve provided refund form for the tickets eligible for special handling.

Please apply refund through the following link.

Please note that there may be times where we refrain from replying to you when the refund operation has been processed already through JAL web site or our call center,though you apply refund by e-mail or this link.

April 7, 2020

Japan Airlines