Use of child seat onboard aircraft

Children between 8 days and 2 years old who will sit in separate seats from their accompanying adults must have purchased tickets at the child fare rate regardless of whether they will use a child seat.


If a ticket has been purchased, we will provide a child seat upon request.

Pregnant passengers (those who will travel 28 days or less before they expect to give birth) and adults accompanying 2 children under 3 years old should review the below information.

Pregnant passengers who expect to give birth within 28 days of travel 開く
Adults accompanying 2 children under 3 years old 開く

About child seat

You may bring your own child seat, or you may use our child seat rental service if you do not have one.

Borrowing a child seat


Child seats are available for children less than 3 years old who are under 102 cm in height and weigh 2.3 - 18 kg.

(Child seats may also be used to support disabled children who cannot otherwise maintain a seated position.)

Requesting a child seat

JAL provides child seats for use onboard aircraft free of charge. These seats are available at the time of boarding.

To reserve a child seat after booking a flight, please contact the Special Assistance Desk (Traveling with Babies or Small Children) at least 3 days before departure.

  • We will ask the age, height and weight of your child at reservations.
  • Depending on circumstances, requests may be accepted until 17:00 on the day before departure; please contact us to inquire.
  • Child seats are not available on codeshare flights.

On the day of travel

Please notify airport counter staff that you have requested a child seat.

Child seat details

JAL provides "Tribute Sports" manufactured by evenflo.

  • However, we use "Roundabout" manufactured by BRITAX in case if "Tribute Sports" manufactured by evenflo cannnot be attached to the seat.
  • Seat type selection is not available.
  • Seats are installed facing forward or backward depending on the child's weight:
  • Weight ≥ 2.3 kg and < 9 kg or age less than 1 year: Seat installed facing backward
  • Weight ≥ 9 and ≤ 18 kg and 1 year or older : Seat installed facing forward

Contact us

Special Assistance Desk for Traveling with Babies or Small Children, Children Traveling alone, Expectant mothers and Elderly customers

Toll-free / Inside Japan only
営業時間: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (open 365 days a year)
Tokyo : 03-4330-2525* Sapporo : 011-242-2525* Osaka : 06-4799-2525* Fukuoka : 092-261-2525*
  • The content of conversation with the customer may be recorded or monitored to ensure quality service.