Rules regarding the use of the lounge

JAL has established the following rules in order to ensure safety and comfort in the lounge. We would appreciate your cooperation in observing them. We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

  1. Please refrain from taking food or beverages outside the lounge.
  2. Please eat and drink any outside food or beverages in the dining space, an area made for eating and drinking, found in each Sakura Lounge. All outside food and beverages can be consumed in all areas in the Diamond Premier Lounge. Please refrain from bringing in strong smelling food or beverages into the lounge as it may inconvenience other customers.
    *Please confirm the dining space on our website for each airport lounge or at each airport lounge.
  3. Please use all lounge fixtures and accessories in the lounge.
  4. Please take good care of your belongings. JAL is not liable for any theft, loss, and the like.

The following conducts are prohibited in the lounge.

  • Obstructing our staff from performing their duties, and refusing to follow their instructions.
  • Disrupting safety and comfort in the lounge.
  • Taking away items and supplies (e.g. dishware, unused copying paper) from the lounge without permission.
  • Conducting sales activities (e.g. display, advertising, publicity, sales).
  • Changing facilities and supplies without permission, or using them for purposes other than the original.
  • Using a mobile phone in areas other than specified.
  • Smoking in areas other than specified.
  • Violating eligibility for the lounge use, etc., according to boarding class, JMB member status, or alliance member.

Failure to cooperate may result to restriction of the lounge use, as well as boarding restriction, cancellation of JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) membership, or such, in accordance with JAL's Conditions of Carriage, JMB General Rules, etc.

Issued JAN 2019
Japan Airlines