Haneda Airport Domestic Lounge


Point 1

Use the lounge how you want to.

Three different areas to suit your various needs: Bar, Library, Private & Relax.

Point 2

Optimal privacy

The "Private & Relax" area ensures privacy as if it was your own room.

South Lounge Floor 3 Private Lounge (SAKURA LOUNGE)

Point 3

Finish your work

The "Library" area offers a space for working on your computer, reading newspapers, or quietly spending time as you wish.

Southside lounge Third Floor Library(DIAMOND PREMIER LOUNGE)
North Lounge Floor 3 Library (SAKURA LOUNGE)

Point 4

Panoramic views throughout

Almost all the areas face the windows on the third floor (departure floor on Floor 2), offering a panoramic view of departing and arriving aircraft and the new international terminal.

Point 5

Showers for freshening up

Five shower booths are available on both the South and North sides of the lounge, so you can refresh your trip. (open to all guests admitted to the lounge)

Point 6

Produced by Japanese specialists

Operational Coordination: TRANSIT GENERAL OFFICE


Basic plan & overall design: Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP


Construction: Azusa Sekkei Co., Ltd.


Library direction: Yoshitaka Haba of BACH


Kid's Lounge direction: Kodomo BEAMS


Artwork curation: Shiraishi Contemporary Art


Toilets and showers: TOTO


Smoking room courtesy of: Japan Tobacco Inc.


Massage chairs courtesy of: Family INADA