Accumulate miles and redeem privileges (Class J)

Accumulate miles

Accumulation rates

An additional 10% of the applicable sector miles flown will be credited to JAL Mileage Bank members traveling on Class J with eligible fares.

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Eligible fares Accumulation rates Accumulation rates when flying on Class J Total
Flex、JALCARD Flex、Business Flex, Remote Island Flex 100% of sector miles flown An additional 10% of the applicable sector miles flown 110% of sector miles flown
Saver, Special Saver, Round Trip Saver, Shareholder's Flex 75% of sector miles flown 85% of sector miles flown
Promotion, Individual Inclusive Tour Fare 50% of sector miles flown 60% of sector miles flown
  • Class J is not available for Sky Mate Fare and Senior Citizen Fare.
  • For Promotion, Class J reservation cannot be made.(Available for departure date upgrade only)


  • Please see below for accumulation rates for domestic segments ticketed with international tickets.
  • JMB Rules and Conditions also apply.

Redeem miles for Class J award ticket

Required mileage

Please see below for required mileage.


  • When traveling with Economy Class award tickets, you may use a Class J seat, if available at the time of departure by paying the Same-day upgrade charge. (Advance reservations are not accepted. Upgrading to Class J by redeeming additional mileage at the airport is not permitted.)
  • JMB Rules and Conditions also apply.