Accumulate miles and redeem privileges (First Class)

Accumulating miles

Accumulation rates

JMB members traveling on First Class with eligible fares receive an additional 50% of the applicable sector miles flown.

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Eligible fares Accumulation rates Accumulation rates when flying on First Class Total
One-Way Fare, Child Fare, Round-Trip Fare, Discount for the Disabled, Care Giver's Saver Fare*1, JAL Business KIPPU, Special Transit Fare, Flex, JALCARD Flex, Business Flex, Remote Island Fare*1 100% of sector miles flown An additional 50% of the applicable sector miles flown 150% of sector miles flown
TOKUBIN 1, TOKUBIN 3, TOKUBIN 7, TOKUBIN 21, SAKITOKU Type A*1, SAKITOKU Type B*1, Super SAKITOKU*1, Ultra SAKITOKU*1, Senior Citizen Stand-By Fare*1*2, JMB Companion Fare*1, Sky Mate Stand-By Fare*1*2, Shareholder's Saver Fare, Transit Fare 7*1, Transit Fare 28*1, Saver, Special Saver, Round Trip Saver 75% of sector miles flown An additional 50% of the applicable sector miles flown 125% of sector miles flown
Individual Inclusive Tour Fare*1, Promotion*1 50% of sector miles flown An additional 50% of the applicable sector miles flown 100% of sector miles flown
  1. For certain discount fares and individual inclusive tour fares , First Class reservation cannot be made.
  2. Beginning with flights departing April 12, 2023, mileage accumulation rates will change to 50% (100% for First Class)
  • Some individual or group inclusive tour fares, other special discounted fares such as travel agent fares, and award tickets are not eligible for mileage accumulation.


Please see below for accumulation rates for domestic segments ticketed with international tickets.

JMB Rules and Conditions also apply.

About award ticket

  • First Class award tickets are not offered for flights departing April 11, 2023 and earlier. However, if you are traveling with an Economy Class or Class J award ticket and there are First Class seats available on the date of departure, you may pay an same-day upgrade charge at the airport to travel in First Class.
  • First Class Award Tickets are available from April 12, 2023.

Please see below for the number of required mileage chart.

  • For Japan domestic flight sectors included in International award tickets, First Class cannot be used. If it's available at the time of departure, you may use First Class by paying the Same-day upgrade charge.
  • Upgrading to First Class by redeeming additional mileage at the airport is not permitted.

JMB FLY ON Program benefits

Upgrading to First Class by using Upgrade Certificates is not available.