Guidance for Procedures (Flight suspension/Flight reduction)

If your flight is suspended or reduction, please check the JAL website to view your new booking details and follow the necessary steps by at least 20 minutes prior to the departure.

  • Screen content may differ from that shown here for customers traveling on Award Tickets.


Manage booking

On the Manage booking screen, log in as a JMB member or enter your booking information (passenger, departure date, booking number, etc.) to search for your booking.


Booking details

The booking’s status will be displayed. (If an alternate flight is available, it will also be displayed on this screen)


Select action

Please click or tap the "Change" button for the flight you wish to change.


Select search criteria

Please select your desired boarding date and segment and then tap "Search."


Search results

Please select your desired flight.


Confirm changes

Please check to make sure the changes are correct and then tap "Change."


Change completion

The change is complete.

Please come directly to the airport on the day of your flight. (Please board using the method listed in the boarding instructions.)

If you wish to view boarding methods or cancel and obtain a refund for your bookings, click here to display the Booking details screen again.

Booking details

If you wish cancel and obtain a refund for your booking, please click or tap "Change or cancel a booking." (Go to step 8)


Select action

Please click or tap the "Cancel all bookings" button to start the refund process. (No charges will apply)


Cancellation complete

The cancellation (refund) process is complete.

  • The sample screen shows a refund for a full payment by credit card.
    If you used another payment method, such as convenience store payment, a screen for entering your bank account information will appear before the completion screen.


Please contact the JAL Contact Center if one of the following situations applies.

  • Two or more cancelled flights are included in a single booking
  • You wish to obtain a refund for only one leg of a Round Trip Saver fare
  • You are viewing an award ticket booking using the booking number (you are not a JMB member) and wish to change to a flight other than the alternate flight (this can be done on the JAL website if logged in as whose account the miles were deducted from)

For tickets purchased through a travel agency, please contact the travel agency.