LOPPI operating procedure

The multimedia terminal in the convenience store is only available in Japanese. Please follow the steps below to complete your payment.


LOPPI home screen

Select "各種サービスメニュー (Service Menu)" button.

  1. Select "各種代金・インターネット受付・スマートピット (Smart Pit) /クレジット等のお支払い/Amazon等受取り (Payments, Internet Receipts & Smart Pit / Credit Payments, etc. / Amazon Receipts, etc.) “ button.
  2. Select "各種代金お支払い (Amazon、ヤフーショッピング、楽天オークション、モバオク等) (Payments (Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten Shopping, Mobaoku, etc.)) " button.


Payment method screen

Select the "日本航空 国内線 eチケット代金お支払い (Pay Cash for JAL domestic e-ticket) " button.

On the "サービス内容について (Service Information) " screen, review the information (You may use this service to make payment at cash register. Please keep your receipt at hand after payment.) and select the "はい (OK) " button at the lower right.


Search for payment details

Enter the departure date, airline code, flight number (3 or 4 digit number), and select the "次へ(Next)" button.


For JAL flight number 1501 departing on October 1, enter

Airline name Airline code
Japan Airlines JAL
Japan Transocean Air JTA
Ryukyu Air Commuter RAC

Enter your JMB membership number (9-digit number*) and select the "次へ(Next)" button.

  • Two zeros should be added to the beginning of your JMB membership number, if it is 7-digit.


If your JMB membership number is 123456789, and your last name (family name) is Tanaka, enter 123456789TANAKA.


Review application data entered

Review the information entered and select the "はい(OK)" button to confirm.

Review the notes (payment is accepted by cash only) and select the "はい(OK)" button.


Issue payment slip

Please bring your payment slip to the cash register and complete the payment within 30 minutes.
After making payment, please hold on to the "払込受領証・お客様へのご案内 (payment receipt for customer)" until you board your flight.

  • Refunds are not permitted at the store once the payment has been made.