Official documents

Please present any of the following documents for identification.
The document provided must contain the necessary information*1 if you are to register passenger information to JMB card in advance.
(Please send a copy of the document when requesting JAL Domestic Ticket Desk to issue a pass by mail.)

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Health Insurance Card *2
  • Family register or extract copy of family register *3
  • Resident's Card *3
  • Ward/Municipal ID card
  • Pension book [Notice of basic Pension Number]
  • Physical disability certificate
  • War disabled person's identification booklet
  • Medical rehabilitation handbook
  • Mental disability certificate
  • Residence Card
  • Basic Resident's Registry card (With photo)
  • Individual Number Card (With photo) *4
  • Licenses or certificates issued by public bodies, such as Mariner's Pocket Ledger, Real Estate Transaction Specialist Certificate, Radio Operator Certificate
  1. For Sky Mate Stand-by Fare and Senior Citizen Stand-By Fare: Date of birth
    For using Care Giver's Saver Fare : Current address
    - Neither family register nor extract copy of family register may not verify your current address.
  2. If you send a copy of your health insurance card by post, please black out the identifier, number and insured person's ID number (including the 2D barcode code if there is one) so that they cannot be recognized.
  3. Documents must be of within 6 months of issuance. Except, for verifying the date of birth, the issued date will not be questioned.
    If you send a copy of your Resident’s Card by post, please prepare a version that does not indicate your individual number (My Number).
    If your individual number (My Number) is shown on the Resident’s Card, please black out the individual number (My Number) so that they cannot be recognized.
  4. If you send a copy of your Individual Number Card by post, please submit the front side of the card with your photo that confirms your name, current address, date of birth, and issuer (municipality).
    Please do not send the back side of the card. The "Notification Card" cannot be used as an identification document.