About ticket numbers (domestic flights) (for flights departing on/after April 12, 2023)

A ticket number is issued for each customer at the time of purchase. It is one of the authentication codes used to identify the ticket and determine if you are the ticketed passenger when checking in and boarding, making changes that result in a different fare amount, or obtaining a refund. It consists of 13 digits (0-9).

Ticket numbers are required for all customers for these types of transactions.

When is Ticket Number required

  • Check-in, change of reservation, ticket refund
  • Issue receipts
  • To refer your 'Ticketing Code for Shareholders Discount Coupon Replacement'

Where to find Ticket Number

  • JAL website

On the purchase completion page, in the purchase completion e-mail or text, or on the e-ticket itinerary/receipt.

You can also search for it on the e-Ticket Search page.

  • JAL Group domestic ticket counters at Yurakucho and airports or travel agency

On the e-ticket itinerary/receipt.