Flex Traveler System

Because circumstances may prevent some passengers with reservations from traveling, we may accept more reservations than there are seats on some flights. In the event that reservations exceed available seating and there are not enough seats for all passengers, we may ask for volunteers who are willing to take another flight or otherwise change their travel plans. This system rewards such volunteers by offering them compensatory payments or miles and providing them with alternative means of travel.

Eligible Passengers

Passengers who meet the below conditions for a flight with a shortage of seats, except in cases of inclement weather and natural disaster:

  • Reserved a seat on and purchased a ticket for the flight
  • Filed a request by the applicable deadline(s)

Compensatory Payments and Compensatory Miles

In addition to providing an alternative means of travel such as another flight, JAL will pay compensation as detailed below.
JAL Mileage Bank members may choose to receive either a monetary payment or miles.

Alternative travel provided on the same date of departure

Compensatory payment: ¥10,000 or Compensatory miles: 7,500 miles

  • If the original flight is delayed until the following day, the new date of departure is considered the "same date."

Alternative travel provided on the next day after the date of departure.

Compensatory payment: ¥20,000 or Compensatory miles: 15,000 miles

  • we will offer any necessary expenses (hotel accommodations and transportation costs between the airport and the hotel) in addition to the Compensatory payment within the range authorized by our company*1.
  1. JAL, JTA, RAC

JAL will refund the tickets of and waive any cancellation fees for passengers who wish to receive a refund in lieu of alternative travel. Such passengers will also receive compensatory payments or compensatory miles.