Airport Standby

If your desired flight is full, you may join the standby waitlist online.

Applicable fares

Flex, JAL CARD Flex, Business Flex, Shareholder's Flex, Remote Island Flex, Specific Route Flex

How to request standby


Standby requests are available on the JAL website and through the JAL app.

Standby opens: 3 hours prior to desired flight’s departure

Standby closes: 20 minutes prior to desired flight’s departure time

  • Only selectable if the flight is full and departs less than 3 hours from the time of the request.


After completing your standby request, you will receive a confirmation email with your request details.

Please note your standby location.

Your standby location and scheduled notification time can be found on the standby details page or in the confirmation email. Standby locations and notification times may change depending on flight status.


Please be at the designated standby location at least 20 minutes before the flight’s departure time.


If seats become available, standby customers will be called by name in the below order of precedence based on their status.

If seats become available, standby customers will be called by name in the below order of precedence based on their status.

If you do not respond when called, you will lose your place on the waitlist.

  1. JMB Diamond members
  2. JGC Premier members
  3. oneworld Emerald members
  1. JAL Global Club members
  2. JMB Sapphire members
  3. oneworld Sapphire members
  4. JMB Crystal members
  5. oneworld Ruby members
  1. General Customers

Online standby requests are not available in the following cases

  • Customers who do not have a ticket for the same day of departure.
  • The request results in a fare difference
  • You purchased a ticket with an extra charge (domestic flights extra seat charge, stretcher charge)
  • Customers who request special assistance
  • You are required to show supporting documents
  • You purchased an international ticket.


  • You cannot request standby for multiple flights at once.
  • Transfer fares, international flights, and codeshare flights (FDA/AMX/ORC) are not eligible for standby.
  • Standby requests are for seats in the same class as the one you have booked.
  • You cannot request standby for a flight departing later than your booked flight.
  • If you wish to check baggage, please do so only after your flight has been confirmed.
  • Once you request standby, your booking cannot be changed or cancelled on the JAL website until after you board your flight.If you wish to change or cancel your booking after requesting standby, please see an airport staff member or contact the JAL Contact Center.