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Frequent Flyer Benefits

Accumulating Mileage

Expanded opportunity to accumulate miles on oneworld member airlines.
You can earn miles with oneworld member airlines, as well as JAL Group airlines* and JMB partner airlines.
*Japan Airlines, Japan Transocean Air and Ryukyu Air Commuter.
Mileage accumulation on JAL Group airlines & oneworld member airlines

JMB membership number must be provided at the time of making reservations or check-in.
Mileage will accumulate based on the "sector mileage", and the "accumulation rate" by the class of service / the actual fare paid.
Only tickets issued in the name of the member on eligible fares will be eligible for mileage accrual.

  • * JMB sector mileage will be calculated based on IATA TPM (International Air Transport Association Ticketing Point Mileage).
    Revision of mileage will be made in July and January of next year based on the IATA TPM released in spring and autumn previous year.
    Please see the JAL Group International Sector Mileage Table and JAL Group Domestic Sector Mileage Table for details.
  • * JAL Group airlines and/or oneworld member airlines' flights with eligible fares for mileage accumulation are eligible for FLY ON status qualification.
    Click here for further details.

Ineligible cases for flight mileage accumulation

  • Onboard in different name is not accepted.
  • Award tickets, infant fares, other special discounted fares such as travel agent fares, tour conductor fares, tickets issued subject to special provisions are not eligible.
  • Charter or cargo flights on partner airline are not eligible for mileage accumulation.
  • In accordance with agreements with partner airlines, there are some tickets or booking classes ineligible for mileage accumulation.
  • Under no circumstances will mileage credit be granted for flights not boarded (due to delay, cancellation, etc.).
  • Duplicate registration of mileage with programs other than JMB is prohibited.
  • * Mileage accumulation percentage may be different for some fares by each partner airlines.
  • * Inclusive Tour Fares are eligible provided the booking class eligible. Regardless of the fare paid, fare booked in the classes other than booking classes eligible for mileage accumulation are ineligible for mileage accrual.
  • * Eligible fares and mileage accumulation percentage are subject to change without prior notice.

Redeeming Mileage

Expanded award opportunities across oneworld member airlines.
Whether traveling for business or leisure, you can now enjoy a greater choice of travel destinations and fares through the oneworld alliance, as well as selected partner airlines.
Partner Airlines Award Tickets

One of the following partner airlines is eligible for one award travel.

Alaska Airlines (AS), American Airlines (AA), British Airways (BA), Cathay Pacific Airways (CX), Finnair (AY), Iberia (IB), Malaysia Airlines (MH), Qantas (QF), Qatar Airways (QR), Royal Air Maroc (AT), Royal Jordanian (RJ), SriLankan Airlines (UL), other JMB partner airlines

Award Tickets.  Partner Airlines  Award Tickets guide.  Click here for details.

Partner Airlines Award Tickets example:Available for round trip Helsinki from Tokyo with Finnair.

oneworld Award Tickets

The following oneworld airlines are eligible.

Japan Airlines (JL), Alaska Airlines (AS), American Airlines (AA), British Airways (BA), Cathay Pacific Airways (CX), Finnair (AY), Iberia (IB), Malaysia Airlines (MH), Qantas (QF), Qatar Airways (QR), Royal Air Maroc (AT), Royal Jordanian (RJ), SriLankan Airlines (UL)

  • * A combination of two or more oneworld member airlines can be used.
  • * When the itinerary includes Japan domestic sectors, JAL/JTA domestic routes are eligible.
  • * Charter or cargo flights are not eligible.
  • * Code-share flights are not eligible in general condition.
  • * Non eligible flights and routes are subject to change without prior notice.

Award Tickets. oneworld Award Tickets guide. Click here for details.

Oneworld Award Tickets example: Hong Kong from Tokyo with Japan Airlines, Sydney from Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific Airways, New York from Sydney with Qantas, London from New York with American Airlines, Berlin from London with British Airways, Air Berlin Berlin from Madrid, available from Madrid with Iberia Paris, to travel from Paris to Tokyo with Japan Airlines.

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