Royal Air Maroc (AT)


On/After April 1, 2020 (departure date), crediting miles on Royal Air Maroc will be available.
New reservation for Royal Air Maroc award ticket will also be accepted on/after April 1, 2020. We will inform you more details soon.

What is Flight Mileage?

Flight mileage is automatically credited to your JMB account when you travel on eligible flights. In order to accrue miles, your JMB membership number must be provided in 9 digits*1 when making the reservation or at check-in. Additionally, all tickets must be issued in the JMB member's name. Flight mileage is based on the sector mileage specified for the sector(s) traveled and on the accumulation rate for the fare of the purchased ticket.

Flight Mileage = Sector Mileage × Accumulation Rate

  • *1Customers with less than 9 digits JMB membership numbers, please add 0 (ZERO) at the top.
    Example: 1234567 → 001234567
  • *Some situations are not eligible for mileage accrual. Learn more
  • *JMB sector mileage is calculated based on IATA TPM (International Air Transport Association Ticketed Point Mileage).
    Revision of mileage will be made in July and January of next year based on the IATA TPM released in spring and autumn previous year.

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Accumulation Rates

Fares Business Class Fares Normal Economy Class Fares Special Economy Class Fares 1 Special Economy Class Fares 2 Special Economy Class Fares 3
Accumulation rate 125% 100% 70% 50% 30%
Applicable booking classes J, C, D, I Y, B, H K, M, L, V S, N, O, Q, G T, R, W, P
  • *AT designated flights operated by Royal Air Maroc and Royal Air Maroc Express are eligible for mileage credit.
  • *AT designated Codeshare flightscodeshare flightsFlights operated as part of a codeshare agreement where two or more airlines share and offer the same flight. are eligible for mileage accrual only when operated by¬†oneworld alliance airlines.

Ineligibility for Mileage Accrual

Mileage will not accrue in the following situations:

  • When traveling under a different name
  • When traveling on award tickets, non-revenue tickets, or special discounted fares such as travel agent fares, tour conductor fares, or infant fare
  • When using cargo flights or charter flights.(except JAL International Flights)
  • When traveling on tickets or booking classes that are ineligible for mileage accrual based on agreements with partner airlines
  • When the flight is not boarded for any reason, including due to flight delay or cancellation
  • When the flight has been registered to a frequent flyer program other than JMB

How to Accumulate Flight Mileage

When making a reservation

Flight mileage will automatically be credited to your account when you provide your JMB membership before your flight.

How to Accumulate Flight Mileage

Post-Flight Credit

Please request post-flight credit if you did not provide your JMB membership number before your flight. All requests must be made within six months from the flight date.

How to Request Post-Flight Credit

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