WAON Electronic Money Award

  • Redeem your miles for WAON electronic money - starting from 3,000 miles

Important Information

After you redeem your miles on the JAL website, please refer to the reminders when downloading WAON Electronic Money

Please note that your WAON card has a maximum balance limit.

What is the WAON Electronic Money Award?


The WAON Electronic Money Award allows you to redeem your miles for WAON Electronic Money, starting from 10,000 miles. Please note that this award is available exclusively to the following JMB WAON Card members, who must be registered in Japan.

[Eligible JMB WAON Card members]

  • JMB WAON Card members
  • AEON JMB Card members (JMB WAON all-in-one type)
  • BIC CAMERA JMB WAON Card members
  • JMB G.G WAON Card members
  • AEON JMB Card members (JMB WAON all-in-one type with G.G logo)
  • Mobile JMB WAON members

After requesting this award on the JAL website, you can download and receive your WAON Electronic Money at any WAON Station (located at Aeon Group stores and major airports across Japan), AEON Bank ATM.

More about the WAON Electronic Money Award (in Japanese only)

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