JAL Coupon Awards

JAL Coupons can be used as full or partial payment
for flight tickets, package tours, hotel stays, dining, and more (10,000 miles = equivalent to ¥12,000)

Required Mileage

Mileage can be redeemed in increments of 10,000 miles, starting at a minimum of 10,000 miles.
10,000 miles = ¥2,000 JAL Coupons x 6 (¥12,000 equivalent)


JAL Coupons will be valid through the last day of the 13th month following the month in which the mileage was exchanged for the JAL Coupons.
Please take note of the actual validity that is printed on the front of each JAL Coupon.
Once JAL Coupons have expired, they cannot be used under any circumstances.

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